Work in Progress

Research Projects

“Organism is Mechanism but more exquisite and divine: Leibniz and the Life Sciences”, funded by the Israel Science Foundation, 120,000 NS for 4 years. Infinity and Life: Leibniz and the Early Modern Life Sciences.

These projects seek to investigate the relations between infinity and life in Leibniz’s philosophy and use Leibniz’s encounters with his contemporaries to examine this connection in the broader context of the life sciences in the early modern period. Researchers associated with these projects: Liat Lavi; Rodolfo Garau (2013-2015); Barnaby Hutchins (2015-2016); Noam Hoffer (2017-2019).


Living Mirrors: Infinity, Unity, and Life in Leibniz’s Philosophy, forthcoming with OUP
Infinity in Early Modern Philosophy, forthcoming with Springer, co-edited with Reed Winegar


On Living Mirrors and Mites: Leibniz’s Encounter with Pascal on Infinity and the Nature of Living Things.
“Spinoza Rethinking Activity: from the Short Treatise and the Ethics”, the Southern Journal of Philosophy  (with Andrea Sangiacomo).
“Leibnizian Encounters with Infinity” in Infinity in Early Modern Philosophy.


Teleological Explanations between Leibniz and Kant, The Van-Leer Institute, June (2018).