* ENS Lyon: On Living Mirrors and Mites: Leibniz’s Encounter with Pascal on Infinity and the Nature of Living Things, February 5th, 2015.

* Embodiment – workshop as part of OPC volume preparations, Paris, December 12, 13, 2014.
* Leibniz Society of North America, Yale, October 18-20, 2013.

* Princeton/Bucharest Seminar in Early Modern Philosophy, Bran, July, 2013: Leibniz and Pascal.

* Israel/Mid Atlantic Seminar June, 2013: Spinoza on Agency and Necessity.

* The Actual and the Possible, British Society for the History of Philosophy Conference, Invited Speaker, University of Manchester, April 16-18, 2013.

* Leibniz Conference, Oxford University, March 16-17, 2013: Leibniz and Pascal.

* The Annual Meeting of the Israel Association for Philosophy, Bar-Ilan University, February 18th, 2013: (invited talk) Rethinking the Genotype/Phenotype Distinction.

* The sixth Annual Conference of the Leibniz Society of North America, Concordia University, Montreal, October 19-20, 2012: “What’s infinity got to do with life”?

* An International Workshop on the notion of living beings in Ancient, Early Modern, Modern & Contemporary philosophical debates, University of Zurich August 29-September 2nd: Living Being in the Early Modern Period.

* Bucharest-Princeton Seminar, June 29-July 4th, 2012: “What’s infinity got to do with life?”

* Leibniz Seminar: “Leibniz on Perception,” Sorbonne, Paris. (February 15, 2012).* Annual meeting of the American Philosophical Association (APA), December, 27, 2011: Invited Comment on Lea F. Schweitz, “Human Uniqueness, the Species Problem, and the Image of God”.

* NY/NJ Seminar in Early Modern Philosophy: “Unity, Uniqueness and Infinity in Spinoza and Leibniz”, November, 2nd, 2011.

* IX Leibniz Kongress, Hannover, September, 26-29, 2011: Infinity in Nature and the Nature of Infinity.

* A Workshop on The Life Sciences in the Early Modern Period, Princeton University, May 7,8, 2011: Leibniz and the Logic of Life.

* The Annual meeting of the Israel HPS Society, Jerusalem, March 6, 2011: Leibniz and the Logic of Life.

* The Annual meeting of the New Israeli Association for Philosophy, the Hebrew University at Jerusalem, February 9, 2011: Leibnizian Encounters with Infinity

* Fourth Annual Conference of the Leibniz Society of North America, 3 – 5 December 2010
University of Houston, TX: “Leibnizian Encounters with Infinity”.

* Invited talk, “Mondes, monades, sujets: Leibniz et la notion d’expression”, ‘Université Paris Ouest-Nanterre, October 28, 2010.

* Invitation to present my current research in Leibniz Seminer, at the Sorbonne, Paris, by Anne-lise Rey and Paul Rateau, October 27, 2010

* Invited comment on Maria Roza Antonaza’s paper, Leibniz’s Theodicy Conference, Notre Dame University, September 2010.

* Mid-Atlantic Seminar in Early Modern Philosophy, Johns Hopkins University, April 18th, 2010.

* Princeton Group in Early Modern Philosophy, April 14th, 2010.

* Scottish Seminar in Early Modern Philosophy, March 5-6, 2010, Aberdeen.

* Princeton Group in Early Modern Philosophy, November, 2009.

* Invited Comment, APA Eastern Division, December, 2009 in the Early Modern Session.

* LSNA meeting, Princeton, September 2008.

* “Molecularizing Mendel,” The annual conference of the Israeli Society for History and Philosophy of Science, March 16, 2008, The Science Museum, Jerusalem (with Yaron Ramati, Zohar Yakhini, and Ayelet Shavit).

* “Leibniz on Natural and Artificial Machines”, March, 14-15, 2008, Paris.

* Presentations of 2007 Book at Princeton University (October), Columbia University (November)  and ENS-lsh, Lyon (February 2008).

* Chicago Workshop in History of Modern Philosophy: “What’s Leibniz’s distinction between natural and artificial machines got to do with his view of infinity?” November 30, 2007.

* “Existence and Possibility between Leibniz and Kant.” Oxford Seminar in Early Modern Philosophy, 20-21 October, 2007.

* “Leibniz’s Comments on Spinoza’s Ethics”, Colloque international: Leibniz and Spinoza, 15-17 March  2007, Ecole Normale Supérieure – Lettres et Sciences Humaines (Lyon), France.

* Invited Comment on Ruth Garett Millikan “How Many Ways to Tell a Weasel”, Bar-Hillel Colloquium, Tel-Aviv, November 6, 2006.

* “Is Existence a Predicate and the Notion of Possibility between Leibniz and Kant”, International Conference on Leibniz and Kant, Bilknet University, Ankara Turkey August 12-24, 2006.

* “Some Analogies Between Language and Identity” Wittgenstein Symposium, Kirchberg, Austria, August 6-12, 2006.

* “Leibniz on Infinite Beings and Non-Beings”, VIII Leibniz International Congress, Hanover, July 2006.

* “Gene Expression and the Concept of Phenotype”, Annual conference of the Israel Society for History & Philosophy of Science, March 26, 2006.

* “On Names and Identity”, invited talk for the translation program at Bar-Ilan University, February, 2006.

* “Leibniz on The Greatest Being and the Greatest Number”, Midwest Seminar in Early Modern Philosophy, University of Chicago, November 12-13, 2005.

* “Leibniz’s Rationality as Intelligibility: Divine and Human”, International Conference: Leibniz: What Kind of a Rationalist, Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv, June 2005.

* “Change of Name and Change of Identity”. Lehigh University, Spring 2005: April, 24.

* Montreal Group in History of Philosophy: “Leibniz on the Greatest Being and the Greatest Number”, April, 15, 20005.

* New Israel Philosophical Association, February 17, 20005: Wittgenstein On the Scope and Formation of Internal Relations.

* “Leibniz on Nested Individuality”, University of Kentucky, February 2005.

* “Locke et Leibniz sur le composition des concepts”, University of Paris X, 2004.

* “Possibility, Agency and Individuality in the Philosophy of Leibniz”, Lecture Series at the Faculty Seminar, Lehigh university, 8-10/ 2004:.

* Locke, Leibniz and Borges: Universal and Particular Concepts in the Nouveaux Essais, Nouveaux Essais Conference, The University of Montreal, October, 2004.

*          “Leibniz and Russell: The Number of all Numbers and the Set of All Sets.” Leibniz and the English Speaking World, Liverpool, September, 2003.

* A Comment on Justin Smith’s “Leibniz’s on Being Embodied”, The APA, Central Division, Cleveland, April, 2003.

* “Leibniz on the Formation of Individual Concepts”, The Young Leibniz Conference, Rice University, Houston, April, 2003.

* “Agency in Nature and the Nature of Agency in Spinoza”, Journée d’Etude sur Spinoza et la Nature, May, 2002, University of Bordeau, France.

* “Leibniz on the Unity of Nested Individuals”, The Midwest Seminar in the History of Philosophy, October, 2001, University of Miami, Ohio.

* “A Prescriptive Reading of Leibniz’s Notion of the Individual and the Labyrinth of Human Freedom”, VII Leibniz’s International Congress, Berlin, September 2001.

* “Rethinking the Unit of Selection”, The Israeli Association of Philosophy, Ben-Gurion University, 17, April, 2000.

* “Leibniz on Possible Individuals”, Haifa University, 27, March, 2000.

* “Leibniz on Well-Founded Phenomena”, Columbia University, September 1999.

* “Spinoza on Activity and Necessity”, an International Conference Spinoza by 2000, Jerusalem, June 1999.

* “The Demands for Recognition and the Danger of Sterile Discussion”, PRAGMA 99, an International Conference, June 1999, Tel-Aviv.

* “The Individual’s Place in the Logical Space”, Tel Aviv University, April 1999.

* “Charles Taylor’s Notion of Personal Identity”, Multiculturalism in Israel, Tel-Hai Academic College, March 1999.

* “Leibniz’s Notion of Matter”, “Science and Philosophy” Conference, Tel-Hai Academic College, June 1998.

* “Spinoza et les normes de la logique”, March, 1998, Sorbonne, Paris.

* “Leibniz’s Notion of Possibility”, Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris, 1998.


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